BSM R02-00 (Delphy)

Symptoms reported by customers:

  • 1000 m from the start, my engine stopped in the middle of a busy road. There was no error on the dashboard, it could not be started as if there was no fuel .. Only when the tow truck arrived, the car started as if nothing had happened, the engine started, nothing happened, the starter was spinning
    Previously, once every ~ 3 weeks there was a symptom that when accelerating on a cold engine, the engine seemed to shut down and start up in less than a second (it caused a sharp jerk).

The reason is most often this module, and more precisely the burned out contacts of the relay that activates the fuel pump (petrol engines).

You can buy “used” but you have to be lucky because it is getting harder and harder to find such a module with a guarantee that it will work for a long time. I offer repair of this module with a 6 months warranty.

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If you live in EU, you only pay once for the module sent to us for repair. We send it back at our own expense. If you live outside the EU and want to know what the shipping costs will be before the repair, write to us. Enter your location (preferably country and zip code).

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