Moduł USMD-PTF Renault

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    The unit is installed in Renault cars. It is located under the hood of the car. This unit manages the power for other units in the car. You can not see any relays on the main PCB board, but there are several of them inside. Outside side of the unit board has access only to the fuses protecting other unit circuits.

    The failure rate of this module is not high, but it happens. The most common failures include:

    • problem with starting,
    • the engine does not spin the starter
    • no power to any other module

    Checking the correct operation of this unit is difficult and sometimes only its replacement will answer the question whether this unit is functional. However, there are procedures to check it. I am not talking about diagnosing with CLIP, although it is one of the first steps you need to do before making a diagnosis. Primarily:

    we check its fuses.
    if the fuses are OK, we check if the voltage on the fuse is correct level. If there is no voltage, the unit is already suspected. It’s basically unrecoverable.

    So we are looking for the second unit and there is a problem because the unit is coded individual and the car will not start.

    We offer to copy the software of this faulty unit to the second purchased and functional one. After this treatment, the module will be ready to start the car. Plug & Play.

    You send today and when the shipment reaches us, our technicians start replacing the pixel tape. We also test the technical condition of the  electronics (PCB motherboard) by searching for any other faults. After repair, the instrument undergoes diagnostic tests.
    We provide a written guarantee for the service provided. All about the way of payments you find on HOME page down in